Gratitude In The Small Places!

Loving Guidance dba as Conscious Discipline  asked their Certified Instructors to make a poster writing a personal gratitude for Thanksgiving with a photo! I immediately went into thinking of all the platitudes that my friends and colleagues would write; all the usual suspects! Right? Family, friends, food, blah, blah, blah! I missed the deadline to send in my photo and poster because I was just stuck in the story of what everyone else had and judging them for not being grateful; not really giving thanks for what they had in their life! I was stuck in all the wrong places! It took me some time to get out of that place. However, it took living in that place to find my way out. Let’s face it. If I had met the deadline that poster would have been full of snarky remarks! Thankfully I was able to find the pause button and find my way out! 

Living in isolation during a Pandemic brings its own set of rules. Living in a Pandemic brings its own set of insights! Since Michael’s death I learned how to do Thanksgiving on my own. It hasn’t been easy but Bailey and I know how to do it and we always find our way but this pandemic has brought an entire set of eyes of what to focus on in my everyday life.

Bailey looking her best!

So I’ve named this Thanksgiving; Gratitude In The Small Places! 
Here’ my list!

  • Becoming conscious of the amount of toilet paper I use! I can even give myself permission to use more if needed! 
  • Establishing a daily walking routine! 3 miles everyday!
  • Learning how to sip wine. It lasts longer and I can enjoy it longer.
  • Learning to manage financially each week on fumes. Did you know that Verizon has a lovely plan where you can promise to pay them an amount and day I choose? The electrical company has been kind when I call. They even restored my power within 3 hours so that I could successfully do a Virtual Training!
  • Making my bed everyday!
  • Learning to really and truly trust myself.
  • Leaving my kitchen clean every night!
  • Learning to shower and not do my hair. That saves on hair product! 
  • Figuring out how to be an extrovert in the pandemic introvert world!
  • Getting my hit of joy juice as I walk Bailey and greet other folks while being physically distanced! 
  • Getting more joy juice from waving to folks in their cars! Maybe it’s an Island kind of thing. 
  • A Zoom Birthday Party for my grandson that turned 6 in November; a small amount of time given to me by my Certified Instructor friends, a High School friend and Virginia friends from my earlier career.
  • Joining a Scottie Facebook private page that values our love of Scotties. They are located all over the world and help in crisis and send condolences when their fur baby crosses the Rainbow Bridge.
Just the beginning of the Scottie Christmas cards!
  • So Bailey and I went out for our daily walk before I posted this blog. We happened upon two Moms and a kid on his bike. They were stopped at THE TREE. Bailey and I noticed this tree when we first started walking back in August. There is a hole at the base of the tree. In that hole was a gnome. It was always a favorite place to stop and just notice and wonder about the story. One day the gnome was gone and there was a note posted to the tree. It was a notice of reward for whoever had kidnapped the gnome. A reward would be awarded and there was a website. Within days the gnome had been returned. Over the weeks, the treasures have multiplied. So here’s the story from the Moms! This is a neighborhood game by the children and this has been a real support to these children in this neighborhood. We exchanged stories and I shared that this tree has brought some joy to me as I walk each day. They had no idea.
Here’s THE TREE!

I began to wonder what my intention was to post this blog as Bailey and I walked this morning. I know that it is not to garner pity. I’m not that kind of girl. Ask my friends! I do want folks to widen their lens during this historic times.

So where’s the sweet spot in Finding Gratitude in the Small Places? Having my Conscious Discipline Family that nudges me to find myself in the midst of this historic time. Comment below with your sweet spots for this Thanksgiving!

Some of my Conscious Discipline Family!

9 Replies to “Gratitude In The Small Places!”

  1. Thanks Jessica, your openness and vulnerability always help me. I too was stuck in the wrong places when I might have been preparing a photo for the video. I cried a bucket of tears for what could not be during the last 2 weeks, but today I have lived in the moments of gratitude for what is and its good. Thanks again for sharing.

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  2. I started a new exercise program on November 9, and I added a page where I can write down 3 things I’m grateful for each day. It’s been an exercise in accountability for sure! This morning when I was feeling irritated with Steve, I intentionally wrote down reasons I’m grateful for him. It helps! SO easy to get stuck in what is not going my way.


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